Organizational Analysis

We examine the very foundation of your organization to provide quantifiable and actionable solutions.

At Catalyft, we truly dig deep into your entire value chain. We identify and analyze the trapped value across the organization, appraise your current and future state of readiness for upcoming changes to the marketplace, define a path forward that ensures success, as well as provide assistance before, during, and after a merger or acquisition.

Whether you’re looking to define gaps, learn of potential growth opportunities, or ready to make a meaningful change, Catalyft will provide the direction and assistance to ensure your success.

Our Service Encompasses

  • Opportunity Due Diligence
  • Post Transaction Integration
  • Pre Transaction Enterprise Improvement Valuation
  • Current State Profile
    • Priority Alignment Status
    • Voice of the Customer Critiques
    • Major Processes Evaluations
    • Human Resources Effectiveness Assessment (Employee Life Cycle Management)
    • Organization Structure Effectiveness Critique
    • Performance Tools Analysis
    • IT / Process Map and Analysis
    • Strategic Initiatives Effectiveness Assessment
    • Operating & Financial Performance Analyses
    • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Future State Design
    • Future State Design
    • Customer Experience Model
    • Major Process Requirements
    • Human Resource Life Cycle Management Components & Attributes
    • Organizational Structure High Level Design, Roles & Responsibilities
    • Performance Tools Architecture & Specifications
    • IT / Process Requirements Map
    • Risk Mitigation Plans
    • Financial Modeling Scenarios for P&L & Balance Sheet impact
  • Gap Analysis
    • Definition of the Gaps Between Current & Future State Design
    • Segmentation of the Gaps into Actionable Groupings
    • Operational & Financial Impacts of Closing the Gaps
  • Accelerated realization of objectives
  • Quantification & qualification of potential opportunities
  • Assessment of your organizational climate
  • Outlining an approach for improvement
  • Development of a time-phased activity roadmap to release trapped value & realize the benefits