Organizational Readiness Appraisal

Building a path to achieve your organization's future state design.

Our organizational readiness appraisal services delivers a profile of your organizations current state, a design of the future state model, and a gap analysis between the two. To accomplish this we integrate the four perspectives essential to significant and sustainable change for your organization: people; products; processes; and performance tools. We tailor our methods and approaches to perfectly fit the requirements of your business and the time constraints of leadership.

Our methods will determine opportunity areas for a number of avenues, including improved customer experience, revenue enhancement and cost reduction — as well as will provide a summary of issues currently affecting performance and barriers to your future-state design.

Our Service Encompasses

  • Current State Profile
    • Priority Alignment Status
    • Voice of the Customer Critiques
    • Major Processes Evaluations
    • Human Resources Effectiveness Assessment (Employee Life Cycle Management)
    • Organization Structure Effectiveness Critique
    • Performance Tools Analysis
    • IT / Process Map and Analysis
    • Strategic Initiatives Effectiveness Assessment
    • Operating & Financial Performance Analyses
    • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Future State Design
    • Future State Design
    • Customer Experience Model
    • Major Process Requirements
    • Human Resource Life Cycle Management Components & Attributes
    • Organizational Structure High Level Design, Roles & Responsibilities
    • Performance Tools Architecture & Specifications
    • IT / Process Requirements Map
    • Risk Mitigation Plans
    • Financial Modeling Scenarios for P&L & Balance Sheet impact
  • Gap Analysis
    • Definition of the Gaps Between Current & Future State Design
    • Segmentation of the Gaps into Actionable Groupings
    • Operational & Financial Impacts of Closing the Gaps