Operational Turnaround

Providing the springboard to catapult your organization back to operational health.

Our operational turnaround services have proven invaluable to our clients in need. Exhaustive operating experience allows us to develop and implement strategies to bring your organization back to a solid financial and operational footing.

With our crisis management, contingency planning, and stabilization of core operations services, Catalyft will return your organization not only to its previously good-standing condition – but better it.

Our Service Encompasses

  • Billing schedule & payables optimization and incentives
  • Enhancing supplier policies & purchasing practices
  • Inventory & asset optimization
  • Development of strategies to accommodate unexpected conditions
  • Creation and implementation of action plans
  • Spend Segmentation & Optimization
  • Development of shared service centers
  • Process optimization,
  • Reorganization of production
  • Supply Chain Restructuring
  • Working capital improvement
  • Lean Back Office
  • Asset Utilization
  • Product mix rationalization
  • Planning & implementation of turnaround plans
  • Interim management of the restructuring process & day-to-day affairs
  • Determining & executing short term solutions to quickly stabilize the business
  • Establishment & Analysis of Organizational Objectives
  • Identification of potential risks, costs, changes to decision making protocols, planning strategies, implementation programs, & assurance activities throughout the transition
  • Ensuring Strategy Alignment of Customers, People, Processes, Products, Performance Tools
  • Structure / Team Formation & Objectives development
  • Communication plan & Implementation of proposed changes