Operational Reorganization

Designing the organization for future success.

Our operational reorganization services serve to expedite the reorganization of your business and ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. From establishing and analyzing your objectives to identifying potential risks — we will develop a team structure and formulate objectives that improve the company’s ability to handle its most important decisions throughout the transition while ensuring alignment of customers, people, processes, products and performance tools.

Communication during reorganization is key, and we will be there not merely to relay the proposed plan changes, but to also implement them – even in reductions of force.

Our Service Encompasses

  • Establishment & Analysis of Organizational Objectives
  • Identification of potential risks, costs, changes to decision making protocols, planning strategies, implementation programs, & assurance activities throughout the transition
  • Ensuring Strategy Alignment of Customers, People, Processes, Products, Performance Tools
  • Structure / Team Formation & Objectives development
  • Communication plan & Implementation of proposed changes