Integrated Operational Performance

Accelerating your organization’s performance to achieve its greatest potential.

Our integrated operational performance services deliver meaningful results to your organization across the entire value chain. We improve operations using a variety of best practices from S&OP, VA/VE, OEE, and Lean principles, through network optimization, skills advancement, contact center excellence, and much more. Your people are heavily involved throughout the process to ensure the benefits remain long after the engagement has concluded.

Our 4 Pillar approach (People, Processes, Products, & Performance Management Systems) doesn’t just improve the overall predictability of your organization’s performance, it transports current operations to entirely new levels of excellence.

Our Service Encompasses

  • Operational Excellence & Transformation
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Asset Rationalization
  • Network Logistics & Distribution Optimization
  • Skills Advancement Programs
  • Material / Yield Maximization
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Value Add Engineering
  • Customer Experience Enrichment / Contact Center Excellence
  • Shared Services Optimization