Bespoke, profitable solutions in a world of razor-thin margins, proliferating technology, and rapacious competitors.

We share your enthusiasm around the Retail Revolution and the explosion of interesting, innovative consumer channels cropping up. Whether discussing fast-fashion demand planning, crowd-sourced product development, unprecedented distribution model collaborations, or customer engagement and branding platforms, technology is boosting all the opportunity.

Information is power. With increased pricing visibility and more equitable information on that next consumer purchase, there has never been a better time to be a consumer. Ferocious competition is forcing once-legendary household names to close their doors and unplug their shopping carts. Surviving retailers must reconfigure their business models to meet empowered, tech-savvy consumer tastes and multi-channel purchasing habits.

Our collaborations involve customer experience enhancements, creative merchandising programs, planning process implementation, and IT optimization – uncovering opportunities across your end-to-end retail network. Our tailored solutions ensure your team is ready to capitalize on fickle market opportunities by boosting:

  • Retail customer experience / Voice of the Customer
  • Revenue enhancement / upselling & cross-selling programs
  • Pricing, portfolio & product strategy
  • Strategic Sourcing / Inventory management
  • Order-to-Cash (OTC) acceleration
  • E-Commerce / Technology optimization
  • Global workforce workflow enhancements
  • Talent management and continuous learning
  • Shared services set-up
  • Innovation & speed to market