Oil & Gas

Extracting risks and locking in new performance heights to secure safety, margins, and working capital optimization...through market highs and lows.

We understand the havoc commodity prices and demand fluctuations can have on your Oil & Gas operations. Despite the justifiable temptation for short-term thinking, experience tells us you must continue to invest in new technologies, updated processes, and continuous learning to bolster your safety track record and long-term profitability. With your deep industry expertise teamed up with our practical improvement experience, we embed next-level analytics, a customer-oriented mindset within a multi-talented workforce, and agile asset management into daily operations.

In good times and lean times, we install customized practices and robust processes to drive increased effectiveness across your daily operations playbook and customer service platforms – encompassing midstream, refining and marketing, oil field service, and equipment manufacturing. Let commodity prices rise & fall where they may. We’ll make sure your team has what they need to provide your customers with innovative products & services, your Sales & Operations Planning is truly demand-sensing, and your Working Capital is pegged on cash-enhancing levels.

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to fit your dynamic needs in:

  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Maintenance performance & asset utilization
  • Capital project management office (CPMO)
  • Remote site services, logistics, distribution and yard optimization
  • Talent Management / Employee skills training and continuous learning
  • Capacity planning and labor productivity improvement
  • Order-to-Cash (OTC) cycle time reduction
  • Data analytics and decision-making

pdf ⇓: Midstream Experience Case

pdf ⇓: Oil & Gas Supply Chain Composite Experience Case