Mining & Metals

Excavating margins and unearthing new performance levels by removing waste within one of the world’s most crucial, mature industries.

At Catalyft, our team has worked alongside some of the largest global metals and mining companies across both developed and emerging economies to achieve significant results in safety, output levels, productivity and maintenance performance. Our experience spans a range of issues – including maintenance, capital and acquisition integration – and encompasses the production cycle from upstream mining and raw material to smelters, processing, fabrication and distribution.

Our holistic strategy spans across the organization to develop more comprehensive work processes and shift the company culture toward the future.

We make a great partner when your specific commodity market is running with the bulls and maximizing output is priority one, two and three. We make a great partner when pricing has sent the bear to hibernate with your working capital and operating costs.

Catalyft works with your team at every step in the process to implement sound solutions advancing your organization across multiple areas including:

  • Safety Excellence and Operations improvement (Drill & blast, mining, load & haul, milling, mine-to-mill, and engineering)
  • Mine lifecycle planning
  • Equipment continuous learning programs (control rooms, hauling equipment, draglines, pit cars, etc.)
  • Maintenance performance improvement / Equipment availability increase
  • Contractor management
  • Project Management Office (PMO) / Shutdown planning and execution management
  • Tech-enabled data analytics and reporting
  • Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) acceleration