Powering up innovation, making profitability gains, and elevating high quality...amidst a 'better, cheaper, faster' industry landscape.

At Catalyft, we work backwards to go forwards. We work back from the root causes of customer delivery misses, quality challenges and low productivity into the processes occurring well before any product hits the shop floor. We dig deeply into product design, manufacturing complexity, departmental coordination, integrated demand planning & scheduling, sourcing and logistics.

For decades, we’ve been successfully driving shoulder-to-shoulder with companies (much like your own) to implement solutions providing sustainable results – closing the gaps forced open by evolving customer sophistication, magnified demand volatility, rising costs and growing supply chain complexity – at every link in the chain.

We also know you expect your team to be able to run with all the newly implemented data analytics, processes, tools and training well beyond our collaboration without a helping hand. You got it. Our experience encompasses every step of the manufacturing process – from product design to warranty services – with emphasis on where most of the cost resides:

  • Engineering / Product Design / VA/VE
  • Integrated Demand Planning / Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Production/ throughput improvement
  • Quality / Yield improvement
  • Supply Chain optimization / Total cost management
  • Human Capital utilization and performance improvement
  • Data analytics capability building
  • Innovation & new product development
  • Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) acceleration
  • Talent management & continuous learning
  • Voice of the Customer Programs

pdf⇓: Consumer Products Experience Case

pdf⇓: Manufacturing Experience Case

pdf⇓: Packaging Experience Case