Healthcare & Life Sciences

Helping teams focus on patient care and financial health improvements amidst the blur of operational challenges, regulatory demands, and compliance risks.

What areas are you most enthusiastic about improving in your organization? We work with a wide variety of healthcare and life sciences disciplines to implement creative solutions that escalate patient care, optimize performance, enhance revenues, improve the supply chain, engage stakeholders, build new manufacturing capabilities and boost testing responsiveness.

Worried your billing process is a drag? We can help reduce cycle times and mistakes wreaking havoc on your patient administration and billing workflow while your team wins back more resources to focus on what they do best – developing innovative ways to enhance lives and delivering care in crucial times of need.

Partnering with us, your team can focus on delivering the highest care and improving patient outcomes. Several areas of opportunity where we have experience to share include:

  • Care delivery lead time and capacity improvement
  • Lab/testing cycle time & asset optimization
  • Patient administration and billing process optimization
  • Revenue/referral enhancement/patient care marketing
  • Supply chain and pharmacy improvement
  • Device manufacturing excellence
  • Tech-enabled workflow and data analytics
  • Voice of the Patient programs

pdf⇓: Hospital Group Experience Case

pdf⇓: Life Sciences Trapped Value Analysis (TVA)