Food & Beverage

Bringing an extra helping of food safety, manufacturing agility, cost effectiveness, and profitability to your table.

At Catalyft, we assist food and beverage companies by dramatically improving cost performance in an environment of strict food safety compliance standards, razor-thin profit margins, intense competition, challenging workspaces, and increasing customer expectations. We are your partner in long-term success embedded in your organization – and we’ve been doing it for years.

Whether it’s price point variance between the two sides of the knife, deciding which cuts maximize margins to the spot market, maintaining lot integrity throughout the supply chain, driving food quality and uptime through process, sanitation and maintenance excellence, or reducing shrink while increasing availability on the shelf, we understand the marketplace challenges and stand ready to help your organization meet them all.

We work hand-in-hand with your team in the following areas to deliver substantial gains in operational and supply chain performance – reducing costs and lifting revenues:

  • Employee-led productivity improvements
  • Cultural enhancements / workforce engagement
  • Cut conversion and processing skills improvements / Yield assurance
  • Asset optimization and sanitation operations
  • Food quality and safety
  • Sales, Marketing, and Distribution enhancements
  • Material movement and packaging operations improvement
  • Data analytics capability building
  • Talent management and continuous learning
  • Supply chain optimization

pdf ⇓: Family-Owned Food Mfg Experience Case

pdf ⇓: Food Processing Experience Case

pdf ⇓: Three Food Collaboration Snapshots