Financial Services & Insurance

Cashing in on sound revenue growth and operating excellence strategies...anticipating industry dynamics ahead.

Our teams have worked closely with clients to develop sound operations, risk management, distribution and compliance strategies to ensure they are well-positioned to increase profitability and productivity with a focal point on agility and customer-centricity.

We recognize this requires evolving business models and integrating the digital and personal channels together to achieve customer loyalty and reduced costs. To accomplish this, we bring deep consulting expertise to partner collaboratively with banking, insurance, and investment management companies like yours to implement improvements in operational effectiveness and compliance risk safeguards that stick.

Our comprehensive industry offering focuses on our clients’ core business operations, technology enhancements, human capital, regulatory compliance, strategic customer service, and acquisitions – including process outsourcing when this option is in your best interest. Our shared goal: boost your businesses in the short-term while positioning your team for long-term success in all of the following areas:

  • Revenue enhancements
  • Contact Center & Branch operations excellence
  • Acquisition integration
  • IT network optimization and shared services
  • Origination, underwriting and documentation disciplines 
  • Data analytics capability building
  • Application process streamlining & processing optimization
  • Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) acceleration
  • Talent management and continuous learning

pdf⇓: B2B Services – Cash Mgmt. Optimization Case