Earning extra credit for accelerated performance curves and applied lessons learned across Education.

At Catalyft, we provide the education industry with a number of avenues to better meet the collective needs of schools, communities, business partners, parents, and students. Our holistic approach and agile way of collaborating enable us to assist you in addressing critical questions, drawing out answers within your organization, improving the quality of programs, and aligning competing priorities in an evolving educational landscape.

We understand the litany of challenges you face every day: diminished funding, opaque legal requirements, increasing competition for students’ attention, rapid digital transformation requirements, and demands for accountability at all levels. All the while, you’re balancing calls to optimize limited resources, provide additional services, and keep your staff happily engaged.

Together, we’ll implement processes & solutions, increase efficiencies, build tech-enabled knowledge-sharing programs, and embed transformative functional capabilities – addressing your priority issues across the following areas:

  • Program/process efficiency and effectiveness improvement
  • Financial resources & operating efficiency optimization
  • Organizational structuring & effectiveness
  • Development and implementation of new policies & procedures
  • Cultural development and talent management
  • Shared services – Recruiting, IT, Finance, Human Resources, and Maintenance
  • Technology transformation