Distribution Services

Delivering accelerated performance improvements across the network.

At Catalyft, we have been helping companies hone their optimal footprints for production, co-packers, distribution centers (DCs), and third-party logistics (3PL) relationships for decades. We provide organizations with optimal warehouse layouts, processes, tools, systematic thinking and cultural changes that make your distribution operations run more reliably, at a lower cost, and with continuous improvement built into the process.

How is this done? Glad you asked. It starts by blending product sourcing strategies with inventory optimization techniques for a portfolio of products and customer demands. Then, together, we work on cementing substantially deeper partnerships with vendors, terminals, and ports. Next, we harness your IT infrastructure to provide the relevant data analytics your team needs to act quickly and decisively. Happy to report, we know a thing or two about embedding long-term capabilities in logistics departments as well. Our engagements provide not just attained, but sustained results. We can lift your distribution operations and generate meaningful results across each of the following areas:

  • Network & inventory streamlining
  • Load, mode & energy optimization
  • Replenishment & route planning improvement
  • Warehouse operations uplift
  • Fleet optimization
  • Tech-supported workflow and data analytics
  • Working Capital efficiency 
  • Cultural development and talent management

pdf⇓: Trucking Experience Case

pdf⇓: Warehouse Consolidation Experience Case