Automotive & Suppliers

Delivering results during these times of constant change and shifting competitive landscapes.

At Catalyft, we have the expertise to help your Automotive team overcome constraints and capitalize on opportunities – all while keeping your vital customers, your multi-faceted supplier tiers, and your trusted employees involved in your next-level evolution.

From volatility of commodities and capacity shortages to shifting demands of markets and consumer requirements, we can help keep your organization laser-focused – even on moving targets – and embed the business structure needed to make timely decisions with conviction and take care of your various constituents with increased agility.

Our experience has helped numerous organizations increase their flexibility while improving performance across the entire value chain in the following areas:

  • Total cost management
  • Human capital utilization
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) integration
  • Production modeling
  • Line balancing / throughput improvement
  • Process variability reduction / quality enhancements
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Voice of the customer programs