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Spotlighting growth and margin improvements while a digital technology revolution disrupts traditional business models and reshapes the consumption of information

At Catalyft, we specialize in growth strategy implementation, transaction support and operational excellence. We help companies grow revenues through marketing strategies, pricing, and sales effectiveness. Our proven cost-structure improvement methodology has been driving out overhead, working capital, production, distribution, procurement and sourcing waste from the supply chain for over a decade. We can also assist you to optimize sales support, and the creative process.
We can work with your leadership team across many facets of the organization to implement solutions that deliver both results and address your priorities across the following areas, just to name a few:

  • Salesforce effectiveness improvement
  • Smarter pricing and inventory management
  • Implementation of sales performance management programs
  • Optimizing sales support
  • Creative and distribution process streamlining and redesign
  • Overhead and cost reduction improvements
  • Print production productivity and material optimization
  • Procurement and outsourcing
  • Supply chain rationalization
  • Client Outcomes: