Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improving financial health in amidst operational and regulatory demands, increasing compliance risks, and pressures for increased values in both care delivery and products.

At Catalyft, we know that the healthcare and life sciences industry is constantly changing, and we’re here to help provide some much needed stability. We work with a wide variety of healthcare and life sciences disciplines to implement creative solutions that optimize performance and economics, enhance revenues, improve the supply chain, stakeholder engagement and communications, optimize capital assets, enhance manufacturing and testing responsiveness, as well as the reduce patient administration and billing processes – increasing the velocity of delivered care.
We work closely with you in the following areas to increase your capacity so you can do what you do best – deliver the care that improves patient outcomes:

  • Care delivery lead time and capacity improvement
  • Lab/testing cycle time & asset optimization
  • Patient administration and billing process optimization
  • Revenue/referral enhancement
  • Supply chain and pharmacy improvement
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Client Outcomes: