Delivering sustainable innovation speed, agility, stability and cost curtailment performance solutions with your most talented teams.

At Catalyft, we’re experts at implementing the best engineering performance strategies. We understand that the current Engineering industry climate continues to get tougher through globalization, with organizations having to determine how to better develop and deliver new products faster and at a lower cost, while maintaining the ownership and expert knowledge at the ‘local’ business level. These challenge incumbent organizational structures and operating models as well as drive a need for back office transformation and establishing a strategic procurement infrastructure that supports the new level of thinking needed to win market share.
Our approach has not only helped many organizations achieve meaningful improvements in these areas, but we also integrate the supply chain to further reduce inventory levels and manufacturing times, while implementing best practices that design cost out of your products across the following various levels of the process:

  • Estimating / Bidding process improvement
  • Value Analysis/Value Engineering
  • Project management to reduce margin leakage
  • Individual performance improvement

Client Outcomes: