Energy & Utilities

Meeting the challenges of rate containment, productivity, and improving service of a quickly evolving customer base by injecting rapid improvements.

At Catalyft, our expertise spans a sizable cross-section of the sector including: electric and gas utilities, power generators, natural gas storage and distribution providers, multi-utility conglomerates, alternative energy providers, energy service companies, and water & waste utilities. We lift performance across the value chain, providing expertise in generation, storage, transmission, distribution, and retail operations though our holistic and field-proven approach. We also work with companies like yours to strengthen essential capabilities, drawing on our experience to optimize the organization, improve operating performance and to reshape incumbent corporate cultures to better address the current business demands of customers.
Our expertise provides a collaborative catalyst through the following implementation channels to your organization from which meaningful, and more importantly sustainable, performance gains in customer experience, information, billing, enterprise assets, mobility, and in-home services can emerge:

  • Productivity and process improvement across the value stream
  • Field services management
  • Contractor management
  • Dispatch / fleet management
  • Shutdown / Capital Project management
  • Customer Contact Centers
  • Shared / Centralized services

Client Outcomes: